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Типовые документы, Документ: Sale contract

Sale contract

раздел Зовнішньоекономічні відносини / Внешнеэкономические отношения
раздел Купівля-продаж / Купля-продажа
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Страна: Украина
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Договір купівлі-продажу Договор купли-продажи Sale contract
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Kiev, date _______________


_________________, hereinafter referred to as the "Sellers", on the one part, and _________, hereinafter to as the "Buyers", on the other part, have concluded the present Contract for the following:



1.1. The Sellers have sold and the Buyers have bought on condition: DAF - border by __________ reagents, instruments and accessories, stated in Appendix N 1 to the present Contract.



The total Value of the Contract amount to:

2.1. The prices of the reagents, instruments and accessories are stated in Appendix N 1 to the present Contract and are understood: DAF - border by _________ including cost of export packing, tare and marking.

2.2. The prices are firm and are not subject to any alteration.



3.1. The reagents, instruments and accessories indicated in clause 1 of the present Contract are go be delivered: Three months after received by the Sellers of the total value of the contract.

3.2. By the time indicated above the reagents, instruments and accessories are to be manufactured, tested, packed, marked and delivered.

3.3. Pre-term delivery of the reagents, instruments and accessories is admitted.

3.4. The delivery date is understood to be the date of International way bill.

3.5. Within 24 hours from the moment of shipment of the goods the Sellers at their expense should notify the Buyers by telex/cable of the following:

a) date of shipment,

b) N of way Bill,

c) description of the goods,

d) N of the Contract,

e) number of cases.

3.6. When considering the state of the contract with regard to the basic terms of delivery the rules for commercial terms Incoterms 1990 published by the international chamber of commerce will be applied.



4.1. In case of any delay in delivery of the goods as compared with the time stipulated in clause 3 of the Contract, the Sellers shall P Y to the Buyers penalty (agreed and liquidated damages) at the rate of 0.5 percent of the value of nondelivered goods for every commenced week of delay within the first 4 weeks and 1 percent for every subsequent commenced week.

            However the total amount of penalty for delay in delivery is not to exceed 5 percent of the value of the goods delayed.

4.2. The amount of penalty is not subject to any alteration by Arbitration. While calculating the penalty of delay number of days less than half a week shall not be taken into account, number of days exceeding half a week shall be considered as a full week. The amount of penalty is to be deducted by the Buyers when effecting payment of the Sellers' invoices.

4.3. Should the delay in delivery of the goods exceed 3 (three) months the Buyers have the right to cancel the Contract on the whole or partly.



5.1. 100 % advance payment for the total contract value to account in after issuing by the Sellers of the following documents:

     a) The Sellers specified Invoice - one original and 3 copies,

     b) photocopy of the valid original export license, if required.

The Buyers inform The Sellers by telex/telegraph within 5 days of effecting payment. In 14 days after delivery of the Goods The Sellers give The Buyers:

     c) International way bill, issued in the name of the consignee or an acceptance-delivery protocol,

     d) shipping specification - 3 copies,

     e) quality certificate - 3 copies,

     f) specified packing lists - 3 copies.

5.2. All the bank expenses are to be paid in the following way:

     - expenses of the bank in the Sellers' country - by the Sellers,

     - expenses of Vnesheconombank - by the Buyers.



6.1. The goods are to be shipped in appropriate export packing.

6.2. The packing and preservation are to secure full safety of the goods from any kind of damage and corrosion while transporting by all means of land transport taking into account several transhipments during transportation.

6.3. The marking is to be clearly made with indelible paint in Russian language: Consignee (as per item 5, b) Contract No, Case No, Gross weight, Net weight, Case dimensions (length, width, height) Consignor

            All the cases which need special handling must have additional marking such as:

            Top! With care! Do not turn over! Storage temperature

6.4. The Sellers are responsible for any damage of the goods caused by importer packing or preservation.

6.5. The Sellers are to reimburse to the Buyers all additional expenses which may arise as a result of importer and/or incomplete marking.



7.1. The Sellers are to deliver together with the goods:

1. Operation manual.

2. Safety rules.



The Sellers guarantee:

8.1. High-quality of the materials used for its manufacture, first-rate workmanship and high-quality of technical fulfilment.

8.2. The guarantee period of reagents, instruments and accessories is 12 months from the date of putting into operation but not more than 18 months from the date of delivery.

8.3. Should during the guarantee period the goods prove to be defective and/or incomplete, the Sellers undertake to eliminate immediately at their own expense all the discovered defects by means of repair or complete or partial replacement, as well as to deliver non-supplied reagents, instruments and accessories on the basis of the corresponding claims of the Buyers. The Sellers are not responsible to eliminate defects caused by incorrect transportation or storage conditions as compared with the marking (clause 6.3) if they have taken place in the Buyers' country.

8.4. The replaced defective goods and/or its parts shall be returned to the Sellers at their request and at the in own expense in time, agreed upon by the parties. All transport and other charges connected with return or replacement of the defective goods, as well as delivery of non-supplies equipment both on the Buyers territory or on the territory of the transit countries and the territory of the Sellers' country are to be borne by the Sellers. The above-mentioned guarantee period regarding to newly supplied goods in replacement of the defective onew shall start from the date of their delivary.

8.5. Contents and ground of the claims are to be supported by an uninterested competent organization.

8.6. Claims concerning found defects can be issued by the Buyers to the Sellers within the guarantee period but not later than three months after the end of the guarantee period that is declared in 8.2 of this paragraph, with the condition, that the Buyers have informed the Sellers by cable about found defects within the guarantee period. The Sellers must send the Buyers an answer concerning the claim during 30 days from the date they have received the claim.



9.1. The goods under the present Contract from the Sellers` plant up to the border have been insured. by the Sellers.



10.1. Obtaining of Export Licenses if such are required, is the Sellers' responsibility. All the relevant expenses are to be borne by the Sellers too.



11.1. The parties are relieved of responsibility for partial or complete non fulfillment of their obligations under the present Contract due to force-majeure circumstances: fire, floods, earthquake, war, military actions of any kind, blockade, embargo on exports or imports, and if such circumstances affected directly the fulfillment of the present Contract. In such case the time stipulated for the fulfillment of (the obligations under the Contract shall be extended for the period equal to that during which such circumstances and their consequences will remain in force.

11.2. The party to whom it becomes impossible to meet its obligations undertakes to immediately advise the other party of the commencement and cessation of the above-mentioned circumstances. Should one of the parties fail to advise the other party of forcemajeure circumstances in due time then it shell be deprived of the right to refer to them in future.

11.3. The certificates issued respectively by the Chamber of Commerce either in the country of the Sellers or the Buyers shall be a sufficient proof of the existence of such circumstances.

11.4. If such circumstances or their consequences last more than four months each of the parties has the right to cancel the Contract on the whole or partly. In such case neither of the parties shall have the right to demand from the other party compensation of any possible damages.



12.1. All disputes and differences which may arise out of the present Contract or in connection with the same are to be settled by the parties in an amicable way to the maximum possible extent. Should the parties fail to reach an agreement a case shall be submitted, without recourse to courts of law, to the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kiev, in accordance with the Rules for procedure of the said Court.

12.2. The award of the Arbitration Court shall be final and binding upon the both parties.



13.1. All dues, taxes and custom duties levied on the territory of the Sellers' country are to be paid by the Sellers, and on the territory of the Buyers' country - by the Buyers.

13.2. From the date of signing the present Contract all previous discussions and correspondence concerning the Contract are to be considered null and void.

13.3. The Sellers have no right to transfer to a third party their rights and obligations under the Contract without a written consent of the Buyers. Violation of this provision give the right to the Buyers to cancel The Contract immediately.

13.4. All appendices to the present Contract make its integral parts.

13.5. All amendments and addenda to the present Contract are valid only if made in written form and signed by the both parties.

13.6. All correspondence, connected with the fulfillment of the Contract, shall be in English or Russian language.

13.7. The present Contract is draun up in two original copies in Russian and English, the both texts are identical.

13.8. The present Contract together with Appendices consists of pages.

13.9. The Contract comes into effect from the date of its signing.



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